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Obtaining sufficient amounts of target protein from mammalian cells is often dependent upon scaling up cell mass. This can be a significant hurdle to overcome when space in a small or shared CO2 incubator is limited.

The Eukaryotic Protein Production facility (EPP) offers Swedish scientists the opportunity to scale up their mammalian cell culture adherently and in suspension. Adherent cell cultures can be scaled up to ~1000 plates of 15 cm in 4 x Forma Steri-Cult incubators (ThermoFisher). Suspension cell cultures can be scaled up to ~25L in 3 x Multitron Pro 4 shaking incubators (Infors) and/or to ~10L in a WaveBioreactor (GE Healthcare). Cell lines containing a fluorescent marker can be imaged in a fluorescent cell imager. For more details, see "About us".

The EPP operates a BSL2 cell lab where it supplies access to the instruments and training in their proper use. EPP also provides support, advice and know-how. The user will be responsible for their cells and the experiment as a whole. Users pay for consumables only, e.g. media, serum, plastics, chemicals.

Applications are open to academics in Sweden with a tissue culture project that requires more incubator space than is readily available to the applicant. Applications are made via this portal, in the first instance by filling in the "Request a meeting" form. When the project has been approved the applicant can bring their project to the EPP at SciLifeLab Solna.

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Give basic information about the task that you wish EPP to execute. A meeting will then be arranged for discussion on how best to proceed.

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EPP is a Technology Development Project co-funded by SciLifeLab and Stockholm University within the Bioimaging and Molecular Structure platform.

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