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The Eukaryotic Protein Production facility (EPP) offers Swedish scientists the opportunity to scale up their mammalian cell culture adherently and in suspension in a BSL2 cell lab. This is something for you if you have a project that requires

  • Scaling up of cell mass

    • Adherently or in suspension, using stable cell lines or transient transfections.

      • E.g. recombinant overexpression and purification of target protein

      • E.g. native purification of target protein from cell line of interest

  • Large-scale culturing trials

    • Going from small scale suspension (<1 L) to large scale (2-30L)

    • Transient transfection of suspension cells (1-30L)

    • Suspension adaptation of existing adherent cell lines

  • Screening, with the aim of going large scale

    • Transient transfection construct screening

    • Stable cell line generation

  • Advice

    • Future large-scale tissue culture projects

    • Starting up a structural biology project in mammalian cells, e.g. for cryo-EM and/or crystallography

    • Recombinant membrane protein overexpression in mammalian cells


  • 4 x Forma Stericult CO2 incubators (323L each) from ThermoFisher (~1000 plates of 15 cm)

  • 3 x Multitron Pro 4 CO2 shaking incubators from Infors (3x~8L kulturvolym)

  • 1 x 10L wavebioreactor from GE healthcare

  • Fluorescent cell imager

  • Automatic cell counter

  • Cell harvesting centrifuge

Method development

EPP is a user facility with a focus on method development for protein production in eukaryotic cells. Areas of interest include

  • Optimum stable cell line generation using recombinant overexpression systems

  • Promoter optimisation by matching the promoter with target protein expression levels

  • Unnatural amino acids and purification strategies

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